Government of India

Ministry of Defence

Ordnance Factory Board

10-A, S K Bose Road


Dated :  10-02-2004



The Sr. General Manager/General manager,

All Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Fys.


                        Sub: Reclassification of Assistant Forman (Tech) post as Group�B�

        (Non-Gazetted) in the Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Fys.


Ref: M of D ID No. 44(5)/01/III/D(FY-II), dt. December, 2001.


Copy of reference cited above is enclosed here-with for information. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned suitably.


2.         Necessary action to modify the recruitment rules for the post of Assistant Foreman (Tech) has already been taken separately by this Hqrs.  



3.                  Kindly acknowledge receipt.



Enclo: One(Over/deaf)

                             ( S.S. NASKAR )


                                                                                             for  Director General, Ordnance Factories.

Copy to:

1.      M of D, D (FY-II), New Delhi.

2.      Chairman�s Sectt.

3.      All Member of OFB

4.      The Addl. DGOF/OEFHQ., G T Road, Kanpur.

5.      The Addl. DGOF/AV Hqurs., Avadi.,Chennai.

6.      P C of A (Fys), Kolkata.

7.      The DDG/Co-ord, Ordnance Fctory Cell, New Delhi.

8.      The Principal Director, OFSC, Ambajhari.

9.      The Regional Director, Ordnance Factory Institute of Learning (RTIs).

10.  The Regional Director, RMCs

11.  The Controller of Safety, RCSs.

         12. HQ/NG   13. A/G  14. A/NI  15. A/IR  16. A/A  17. A/CCC

         18. The General Secretary, AIANGOs, O F Khamaria.











                                    MINISTRY OF DEFENCE



            Subject     : Classification of Asstt. Foreman (Tech) Foreman (NT) and

       Store Holder posts as Gp. �B� Gazetted.


            Reference  OFB I.D Note No. 75/Staff/A/NG dated 14.01.2001 and their I.D. Note No. 340/Staff/A/NI(LC)  dated 3.12.2001 on the above subject.


2.         The matter has been considered in consultation with Deptt. of Personnel and Training.  In this connection it is clarified that Govt. have already issued instructions clearly stating the classification of all posts in Gp. �A�, �B�, �C� & �D� as per pay scales and all posts stand strictly classified in accordance with the norms of pay scales/pay as prescribed vide their O.M. No. 13012(1) /98-Estt.(D) dated 12.06.1998 (copy enclosed for ready reference) As such the  post of Asstt. Forman (Tech) stands classified as GP. �B� non-gazetted. 


3.         Further after considering that there is no change in the duties and responsibilities being performed by Asstt. Foreman (Tech) , Foreman(NT) and Store Holder, Govt. have not agreed to the OFB proposal for  conferment of gazetted status to the post of Asstt. Foreman (Tech), Foreman (NT) and Store Holder.






Shri R.K. Sharma


O.F.B, Kolkata- 700 001.

 MOD I.D. No. 44(5)/01/III/D(FY-II), dated the    December, 2001