No. 75/Staff/A/NG

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

Ordnance Factory Board,

10-A, Shaheed Khudiram Bose Road,

Calcutta � 700 001

Dated  : 07/10/98



The General manager,

All Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories.


                        Sub : Reclassification of  Forman /NT as Store Holders as Group�B�

        (Non-Gazetted) in the Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories.


Ref : M of D letter No. 44(3)/96/III/D(FY-II), dt. 20.08.98.



Copy of the letter under reference is enclosed  herewith for information. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned suitably.


2.         Necessary action to modify the recruitment rules for the post of Foreman /NT and Store Holders will be taken separately by this Hqrs.  



3.                  Kindly acknowledge receipt.


          Enclo : one


    ( B. KUJUR )

   Staff Officer/NG

                                                                   for  Director General, Ordnance Factories.

Copy to:

1.      M of D, D (FY-II), New Delhi.

2.      PS to Chairman, O F Board..

3.      All Members

4.      The Addl. DGOF/OEFHQ, G T Road (Near DMSRDE)., Kanpur - 208013.

5.      The Addl. DGOF/AV , Armoured Vehicles Hqrs.., Avadi, Madras - 54

6.      The Chief Controller of Accounts (Fys), Calcutta.

7.      The DDG/Coord, Ordnance Factory Cell, New Delhi.

8.      The Principal Director, OFSC, Ambajhari.

9.      The Regional Director, RTIs.

10.  The Regional Director, RMCs.

11.  The Controller of Safety, RCSs.

12.  The Accounts Officers, All Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories.

13.   HQ/NG     14. A/GB   15. A/G  16. A/NI  17. A/IR  18. A/A  19. A/CCC

20. The General Secretary, AIANGOs, O F Khamaria.






No. 44(3)/96/III/D (FY-II)

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

Deptt. Of Defence Production & Supplies

 New Delhi, the  20th August 1998.



The Chairman,

Ordnance Factory Board,

10-A, S K Bose Road,

Calcutta � 700-001.


Subject : Reclassification of Forman /NT and Store Holders as Group �B�

(Non Gazetted) in the Ordnance & OrdnanceEquipment Factories.






I am directed to refer OFB�s U O No. 75/STAFF/CC/KCPANDEY/OCFC/A/NG   dated 08/11/96 on the above subject and to convey sanction of the President to the reclassification of the of Foreman/NT and Store Holders in the various Ordnance & Equipment Factories as Group �B� (Non Gazetted)



2.         OFB will take necessary action to modify the Recruitment Rules for the post of Foreman/NT and Store Holders at an early date.


3.         This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance/DP-1) vide their I.D. No. 798/IF/DP-1 dated 19/08/98.



Yours faithfully,



    Desk Officer-III

Copy to :


  1. Addl.DGOF, Kanpur.
  2. Addl.DGOF, AV Hqrs, Avadi, Madras.
  3. Chief Controller of Accounts (Fys), Calcutta � along with copy signed in ink.
  4. Controller General of Defence Accounts, N Delhi.
  5. MOD (FIN/DP-1)
  6. MOD/D(CIV.I)