No. 75/Staff/A/NG

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

Ordnance Factory Board,

10-A, Auckland Road,

Calcutta � 700 001

Dated  : 10-05-94.



The General Manager,

(All Factories)


            Sub: Redesignation of Foreman (Tech) as Junior Works Manager.


            Ref :     i) M of D  letter No.7(2)/92/II(FY.I) dated 13-04-93.

                        ii) O F Board No. 75/Staff/A/NG dated 22-06-93.


            It has been decided to redesignate Forman (Tech) as Junior Works Manager with effect from 01-06-94 in terms of the        Government letter at (i) above which has classified Foreman (Tech) as Group �B� Gazeted.


            Factories are requested to take necessary action to this regard.


   (B. KUJUR)

Staff Officer/NG

                                                                   for  Director General, Ordnance Factories.

Copy to:

1.      M of D, D (FY-I), New Delhi.

2.   The Chief Controller of Accounts /Fys Calcutta

3.      The Addl. DGOF/OEF, OEFHQR, G T Roa (Near DMSRDE)., Kanpur.

4.      The Addl. DGOF/AV, AVHQR., Avadi.

5.      The DDG/Coord, Ordnance Factory Cell, G-Block, New Delhi.

6.      The DDGOF/AGM, O.F. Cell Mumbai.

7.      The Director, OFSC, Ambajhari.

8.      The Accounts Officers (All Factories)

9.      A/E-I (NG)

-         for similar action as stated in the text above. A copy of O F Board letter cited under reference is enclosed.

A/A, A/G, A/NI, A/IR