Recruitment Rules

Recruitment Rules

The following table contains a list of link to view/downloadable recruitment rules. The documents also contain details on career progression, basic pay, etc. applicable to various grades/trades in each category.

Group A posts

Sl.No.SRO No.DateSubject
1 SRO 227 26/10/2002 Rules and Orders for Officers - Group A

Group B and C posts

Sl.No.SRO No.DateSubject
1 SRO 13(E) 04/05/1989 Indian Ordnance Factories Group C Supervisory And Non-Gazetted Cadre (Recruitment And Conditions Of Service) Rules - 1989
2 OFB letter No. 75/STAFF/A/NG 22/06/1993 Redesignation of Foreman (T) to JWM (Group 'B' Gazetted)
3 OFB letter No. 75/STAFF/A/NG 10/05/1994 Reclassification of Foreman (T) from Group 'C' to Group 'B' Gazetted
4 SRO 182 09/10/1996 Indian Ordnance Factories Organisations, Junior Works Manager (Group B post) Recruitment Rules, 1996.
5 OFB letter No. 75/STAFF/A/NG 07/08/1998 Reclassification of Foreman (NT) and Store Holders as Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted)
6 DOPT OM No. 15012/6/98-Estt(D) 21/12/1998 Upper Age Limit for DR increased by Two Years
7 SRO 66 27/05/2003 Educational Qualification for DR of CM-II (T and NT)
8 OFB letter No. 75/STAFF/A/NG 10/02/2004 Reclassification of Assistant Forman (Tech) post as Group B (Non-Gazetted)
9 OFB letter No. 75/STAFF/A/NG 01/09/2004 Reclassification of Chargeman-I (Tech) ,Chargeman -I (NT/OTS and Store) posts as Group B (Non-Gazetted)
10 OFB letter No. 102/ACR/A/NG 02/09/2005 Authorities for initiation/ Review /Acceptance for ACR for Group B (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted), Group C NGO cadres of Ordnance Factories Organization
11 S.R.O. 14 -(E) 04/05/1989 Rules and Orders for Non-Industrial Employees
12 S.R.O. 185 01/11/1994 Rules and Orders for Industrial Employees
13 SRO 34 28/01/1997 SRO 185 of 1994 - Amendment of
14 OFB Letter No. 570/A/I/(III) 15/20.10.1999 Recruitment of Ex-trade Apprentices in OFs.
15 OFB Letter No. 570/A/I(PT)/54/Vol.IV/294 06/01/2011 Recruitment of Ex-trade Apprentices in OFs
16 OFB Circular No. 800/SRO/A/I/245 21/10/2011 Clarification regarding Educational and other qualification for direct recruits in semi-skilled grade.
17 OFB Circular No. 570/A/I(Pt)/54/294 15/06/2012 Uniform procedure for Direct Recruitment to the post of Labour in Ordnance Factories.
18 OFB Circular No. 570/A/I(PT)/54/VOL.IV/294 15/06/2012 Selection procedure for Direct Recruitment of Tradesmen in semi-skilled grade.
19 OFB Circular No. 800/SRO/A/I/245 17/10/2013 Clarification regarding Educational qualification for direct recruitment in semi-skilled grade.
20 OFB Circular No. A/I/SRO/245/Syllabus 07/07/2014 Scheme,Syllabus and Guidelines for conducting written examination for recruitment of Industrial Employees in Ordnance Factories.
21 OFB Circular No. 570/Per/I/Pt.54/294/Vol-IV/2016 16/05/2016 Recruitment of Tradesman/Semi Skilled in the Industrial Establishment.
22 OFB Circular No. 570/Per/I/Pt.54/294/Vol-IV/2016 02/06/2016 Recruitment of Tradesman/Semi Skilled in the Industrial Establishment.
23 OFB Circular No. 570/Per/I/Pt.54/294/Vol-IV/2016 27/06/2016 Recruitment of Tradesman/Semi Skilled in the Industrial Establishment.
24 SRO - 104 30/08/2018 Recruitment rule for the posts of Industrial Posts in Ordnance Factories.
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