This is a percussion Direct Action (Point Detonating) and Self Destruction Fuze specially designed for the 40 mm L/70 HE Round. The Self Destruction element is in the form of an igniferous powder train, with a time of self destruction of minimum 6.5 sec to maximum 10.5 Seconds. The Fuze has in addition a post impact delay which permits the shell to detonate after penetration. The Fuze is safe upto 55 metres from muzzle and arms between 55 to 205 metres. The special features of this fuze are:

a) The rain safety device
b) The self destruction device
c) The post impact delay element
d) Rotor housing the detonator off-centre
Length of Fuze 69.7 mm
Weight of Empty Fuze 55.0 g (approx)
Total Explosive content 5.42 g
The fuze FZ 104 has the following safety arrangements
a) The striker is held in its position by a supporting cross pin and inner sleeve till it gets an impact.
b) The sleeves provide safety against functioning by rain drops
c) The stirrup spring of firing pin locks the rotor in the unarmed position during the storage and transport.
After firing, the delayed arming pellet prevents the firing from being pushed up by its springs to release the rotor, until it is consumed. This ensures a delay in arming at least 60 m from the muzzle of the gun.
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