Fuze 213 MK5 (M-1) & (M-2) and (M-3) & (M-4)

Fuze 213 MK5 (M-1) & (M-2)
These are high precision mechanical time and impact fuzes which offer a choice of air burst at a desired point above the target or detonation on impact. Time setting is 0-80 seconds in steps of 0.5 seconds. Reliable and versatile the fuzes are compatible to all guns and howitzers from 75 mm to 152 mm calibers. M1 is used with HE shells whereas M-2 is employed with cargo shells/smokes base ejection type shells.

Fuze 213 MK5 (M-3) & (M-4)
Very accurate mechanical time and direct action fuzes, specially suited for accurate laying of smoke screens, battle field illumination and release of cargo at the precise point over the target. The fuzes have in-built safety
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