FUZE L 29 A2/A3

It is a base fuze which is assembled with 105mm IFG HESH and SH/Practice. It is a percussion fuze which functions on hitting the target. It gives a very effective anti-tank performance.

Function :
On firing the striker locking, the striker segment and delayed arming shutter assembly sets back on to their respective seating and comes in position by friction. During flight on deceleration, the centrifugal forces causes two segments of the striker locking segment assembly to swing outwards against the spring thus clearing the passage for the striker to move forward which is held off by the creep spring. The safety plunger of the shutter assembly also moves outwards against its spring, withdrawing the projected stud from the hole of the shutter locking plate. The slot in the side of the shutter thus releases the shutter along with shutter locking plate, which gets armed only after the delay action by wheel mechanism. After movement takes place through 60° , the segments get disengaged from pinion of the shutter.
Empty Mass 571 g
Filled 666.21g
Effective dia 49.380 - 49.225 mm
On impact or Graze ::
The striker, over coming creep spring, moves forward & the firing pin functions the deonators. The resultant detonating waves passes through the CE stemming to CE pellets in the magazine & firing the bursting charge to the shell.
Quality :
At every stage of processing, strict quality control measures are adopted to ensure the high quality of the fuzes.
1. Devices – Two segments prevent any forward movement of strikers until the centrifugal forces act to move the segments outwards, thus providing safety during handling of transporting.
2. The detonator, shutter in the striker is away from the centre in normal position & delay arming mechanism arm the shutter only, at a distance from the gun for Bore & Muzzle safety.
3. The tendency of the striker to move forword during flight is prevented by the creep spring.
(The base fuze has inbuilt safety arrangement to avoid any premature functioning during transportation & handling of the fuzes).
Hazard Clasification
Compatibility Group B
Hazard Division


Fire Flighting Classification


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