FUZE 162 MK-8 AND FUZE 162 MK - 9
These fuze are direct action detonating type. Fuze 162 MK2 is assembled with Bomb 81 mm HE/PWP Mortor whereas Fuze 162 MK - 9 is assembled with Bomb 120 mm HE PWP Mortar with the help adapter tube.
On firing, the shock of the discharge causes the detent to set back compressing its spring & thus clearing the diagonal channel for the ball to sliding down. The shutter is kept in un-armed position by the point of the striker as also by the frictional force due to set back. The striker also sets back & releases the ball which slides down in the diagonal channel.

On impact, the impact causes the wind shield to crush down on to the head of the striker which compresses the striker spring & pierces the detonator which comes directly below in the shutter during flight. The resulting detonating waves passes through the septum to the stemmed explosive channel & then to explosive pellet in the magazine to detonate the bomb.
Length About 87.5 to 88.5 mm w/o Safety Cap.
Dia About 34.5 mm to 34.9 mm
Mass 447 gms
At every state of processing, strict quality control measures are adopted to ensure the high quality of the fuzes.
The safety cap protects the wind shield & the striker against shock during storage & transit. The safety cap is removed before firing.
Compatibllity Group B
Hazard division 1.2
Fire fighting classification 2
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