FUZE 161 MK 3 M-1
Fuze is a mechanical device designed to function a projectile at a predetermined place. This particular fuze (Fuze 161 MK 3 M-1) is of the disruptive type in which the magazine is filled with CE and which produces a detonation wave. It is assembled with Mortar Bombs (2 Inch/51 mm). It carries a detonator filled with ‘L’ mixture and lead azide to initiate CE on impact. This fuze is a direct action percussion fuze which requires a head-on impact for functioning.

Being a Direct Action Fuze, it works on impact and is instantaneous in action. On impact, the striker pierces the detonator which initiates the CE pellet in the magazine which in turn initiates the bursting charge in the projectile . Body of the fuze is made of Zinc base alloys.
Total Length 66.80 mm
Total Mass 428 g
Diameter 50.80 mm
Net Explosive content 6.524 g
On firing, set back force causes arming of the fuze.
Fuze design has incorporated latest version of percussion detonator (Detonator 356 mg L/Z).
Strict Quality measures are adopted during various stages of production. Functional proof is carried out in association with the Services Quality Assurance Organisation. Fuzes are filled and assembled in the lots of 2000 + 16 for proof.
Safety cap on top prevents the striker from coming in contact with the detonator accidentally. Shutter opens only after the projectile leaves the muzzle of the weapon.
Due to sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for the use in battle.
Shelf life of filled fuze is 10 years
No separate package. Fuzes are assembled with the Bombs.
Compatibility Group B
Hazard Division 1.2
Fire fighting classification 2
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