This is an anti-personnel ammunition of fragmentation type, generally hand thrown. However, it can also be projected from a Rifle 7.62 mm 1A1 fitted with projector grenade 7.62 mm 1A using Cartridge SA, rifle grenade 7.62 mm HD. (TUBE LAUNCHING).

The grenade has a range of 23 to 27 metres when hurled manually and an increased range of 183 metres when fired form a 7.62 mm rifle. It explodes into 40 to 60 fragments, killing and maiming the enemy within an effective radius of 27.5 mts.
Specification :
Grenade body Cast iron, segmented externally for better Fragmentation
Explosive TNT
Detonator 4 second delay (hand grenade) and 7 second delay (rifle grenade)
Mass of grenade Hand 680 g
Rifle 802 g
Packing :
Ten grenades are hermetically sealed in a steel Box and four such boxes are packed into one carrier. A total of 40 grenades per package. Average gross weight is 53 kgs and the package dimensions are 660 mm x 325 mm x 215 mm.
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