The ammunition is of UK origin, identical to 20 Pr. Tank Gun. This can also be mounted on up-gunned Centurion tank. The gun is fired electrically.

ThisThis is a Q.F. Fixed ammunition and is made of core shot (sub-projectile), a sabot, a centering band, a driving band, a base, a sealing ring and a tracer.

All other designs of the ammunition parts and functioning are like Artillery components, excepting that this ammunition does not take any fuze and defeats the armour by its sheer kinetic energy. The cartridge case RW 244 is manufactured of drawn brass. Propellant is multi-tubular propellant picrite propellant NQ/M 047. Primer L1A4 (electric primer) is screwed at the base of the cartridge case. The primer is having a resistance of 15 to 65 ohms and functions when a firing voltage of 16 volts is applied to it. This ammunition manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence Specification No. IA 1207 and Drawing No.IRW 133 GF. The practice version of this ammunition is called cartg. QF 105 mm DS/T Practice.


Total length of ammunition

836.42 mm
Total mass of ammunition

15.481 Kgs

Mass of projectile 5.90 Kgs
Propellant (ACM) 5.65 Kgs
Explosive filling in primer 28.97 g
Explosive filling in Tracer 28.35 g
Net Explosive content 6.5 Kgs


Muzzle Velocity

1478 m/s
Maximum Range 3500 m
Penetration 120 mm at 60 º attack
Killing range against target 914 m
The primer is of electrical type and does not get initiated unless it receives the electric impulse. Further no fuze is assembled into the projectile. As such, this ammunition is absolutely safe during manufacture, storage and transit.
Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for use in combat field environment.
Shelf life of the ammunition is 18 years
Each round is packed in one waterproof laminated paper container, the body and lid of which is sealed with two turns of tape adhesive water proof. Two such containered rounds are packed in one steel box C-38 A.


Packing box size

1097 mm x 413 mm x 195 mm
Gross weight 66.0 kg
Net weight 37.0 kg
Volume 0.088 Cu.m


Cartridge is classified in

Compatibility group

Hazard division 1.2
Fire fighting classification 4
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