This ammunition is fired from 106 mm. RCL Gun mounted on a Jeep against Tanks. The cartridge combines some of the characteristics of Rocket and Artillery ammunition in its design. This ammunition functions on the principle of shaped charge.

The 106 mm RCL Gun is used against Tanks and Pill Boxes by Infantry units. The American version weapon is 106 mm Rifle M-40. The weapon has direct and indirect sighting instruments. The Gun is fitted with .50" Spotting Rifle and round for this is Cartridge SA .50" Spotter Tracer.

All other designs of the ammunition parts and functioning are like Artillery components excepting that a perforated steel cartridge case allows rearward escape of gases and has no driving band. The ammunition is similar to American M-344 version. The fuze used is imported Fuze PIBDM509A2. Cartridge case base is mild steel forging to specification BS 970 Pt. I (1983) Grade 070M20 and Body is of hot rolled steel to specification BS /449 Pt 1 (1983) Grade HS30. The cartridge case after fabrication is heat treated. Propellant is heptatubler double base type T-28. Primer used is the serving Primer percussion of cartridge 13 A having screw thread. Projectile is olive with nose assembly, body with cone assembly and base with fin assembly. This ammunition is manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence Specification No. IA 1088 and drawing Number IRW 74 GF.


Total length of ammunition

998.5 mm approx
Total mass of ammunition

16.78 kg approx

Mass of projectile 7.97 kgs approx
Propellant (ACM) 3.66 kgs approx
Explosive filling in Projectile (RDX/TNT) 1.266 kgs approx
Explosive filling in Primer (Gun powder G-7) 65.56 g approx


Muzzle Velocity

504 metres/second approx
Maximum Range 3110 metre approx
Killing range against moving target 1190 metres approx
Killing range against stationary target 1370 metre approx
Penetration At normal attack 620 mm approx
At 30 ° attack 515 mm approx
At 60 ° attack 400 mm approx
The ammunition design has incorporated latest version of Base Detonating fuze and electric detonator in line with ammunition produced in many other countries.
Adequate mechanical safety arrangements are provided for safety during storage handling and transportation.
Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for use in combat field environment.
The shelf life of the ammunition is 20 years.
The rounds are packed in laminated paper container 4B and two such LP containers are packed in Steel Box C 38A. The packed box weights 61.7 kgs approx.


Packing box size

1097 mm x 413 mm x 195 mm
Gross weight 60 kg per Box approx
Net weight 33.6 kg per Box
Volume 0.088 cu m


Cartridge is classified in compatibility group

Hazard Division 1.2
Fire fighting classification 2
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