A highly sophisticated ammunition mainly to destroy enemy tanks, self propelled guns and other armoured tagets. Besides it may be used as anti-personnel and anti-armament/equipment located in permanent emplacements, bunkers and field type light shelters or brick building. It is used in the Gun mounted on the turret of the Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-I.

Body is made of forged Aluminium body having nose part HE and base part having Rocket Mortar. This is a fin stablised Ammn. The shell is propelled by means of Base Cartridge having electrical primer and Ribbon type propellant.

Type Of Ammunition

HEAT, Fin Stabilized
Mass Of Shell 2.615 Kgs
Length 774 mm
Velocity 393 m/s
Effective Range 1300 m
Penetration 300 mm thick armour plate at normal attack
  • 6 Shells are packed in one wooden case.
  • Av. Gross Mass - 47.2 Kgs
  • Package Dimensions - 1080 mm x 518 mm x 281 mm
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