Use of MBT Ammunition of 120 mm Calibre became inescapable in the modern warfare and is the answer to counter attack the enemy. The combustible cartridge Cases/Primers have been introduced in order to derive optimum performance advantages as compared to brass cartridge cases at high chamber pressure.

Three versions are available
b) Proof shot representing FSAPDS
Brief Description
Rd. 120 mm HESH (High Explosive Squash Head)
Capable of engaging targets up to 2500 Mtrs. should be capable of defeating 135 mm RHA plate up to 1100 Mtrs distance


Length of complete round 998 mm
b) Weight of complete round 22.2 Kgs
c) Type of propellant AP/S 400-120
d) Weight of Propellant Charge (Normal) 3.3 Kgs
e) Weight of
1. SCCC Liner 0.780 Kgs
2. Steel Cup 3.4 Kgs
3. Primer 0.620 Kgs
f) Weight of projectile 14.4 Kgs
g) Weight of Bursting Charge (RDX: WAX 88:12) 2.95 Kgs
h) Type of Primer L1A4 MK II
i) Tracer No. 30
j) Fuze L29A3 base
k) CG (from Base cup) 552 mm
l) Muzzle Velocity 736 m/s
m) EFC value 0.33
Performance Characteristics
Should be accurate up to 1100 mtrs. and it should be capable of engaging targets up to 2500 mtrs.
Shelf life
10 years
Firstly, the round is packed in paper roll cylinder and the cylinder is then packed in the wooden box with casing in two halves being used for cushioning.
Stowage dimension
The external dimension of the boxes with batten is 1225 mm x 360 mm x 360 mm and each box occupies a space of 0.16 Cu. M. 1 round is packed in one box.
Hazardous classification
Compatibility group F
Hazardous division 1.1
Fire Fight Division 1
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