SHELL 125 mm HE

125 mm Ammunition is used with Tank T-72 as main gun ammunition. The main gun 125 mm is having smooth bored barrel. Provision of sophisticated sighting system and automatic loading gear ensures high effective rate of fire of the order of 8 rounds per minute. Total 39 rounds are carried in the tank.

The shell is designed for destroying enemy shelters, vehicles and personnel. It consists of
a) Fuze B-429 E
b) Filled shell
c) Tail Unit Assy.

The cartridge is semi-combustible and is of separate loading type. It consists of
a) Cartridge case
b) Primer GUV-7
c) Propellant with two igniters.


Mass of the filled shell with fuze and tail unit assy 23 kgs
b) Filling type in shell standard RDX/TNT (60:40)
c) Muzzle velocity at +15°C 850 M/s
d) Maximum range 5000 m
e) Maximum chamber pressure at + 15°C (true) 412 MPa
f) Cartridge case filled with Triple Base Propellant
i. Propellant NQ/S 400- 100 3.00 kgs
ii. Propellant NQM-119 2.22 kgs
Quality is ensured at every stage of manufacture. Shell and Cartridge are filled under strict quality control and proof carried out for their performance requirements.
Reliability of shells and cartridges is ensured by independent testing of each sub systems/sub assemblies and also further as a complete store for its functioning requirements.

The shelf life for individual items are as follows :

Cartg. Case 05 Years (Prov)
HE from shell 15 Years
Propellant 10 Years
Primer GUV-7 05 Years
Fuze B-429 E 10 Years
One Cartridge is packed in one metallic container which is further packed in Steel - 51A Box alongwith one shell 125 mm HE 1A with necessary packing fitments.
Length 732+2 mm
Width 370+15 mm
Height 187.5 mm
Compatibility E
Hazard Division 1.1
Fire fighting classification 1
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