125 mm HEAT

125 mm Ammunition is used with tank T-72 as main gun ammunition. The gun 125 mm is having smooth bored barrel, sophisticated sighting system and automatic loading gear ensures high effective rate of fire order of 8 rounds/ min and total 39 rounds are carried in the tank.

The Ammunition is of separate loading type to suit auto loader and is fin stabilised.

The complete round comprises of two main points.


Cartridge It comprises of semi-combustible cartridge case, Primer GUV-7 and propellant with two igniters.
b) Shell 125 mm HEAT It comprises of Fuze B-15, filled shell, Tail unit Assy., Distance Tube and Tracer.
The main role of this ammunition is for direct fire against tank, SP gun, mortar and heavy armoured targets. It is effective against targets fitted with protective devices such has skirting plates and grids. It can also be used against concrete bunkers. The shell is aerodynamically stabilised by means of 6 fins initially folded which open in flight.
a) On firing, set back plunger of the fuze sets back and the ball gets rolled out from the cavity and unlocks the shutter. At the same time, set forward plunger also sets back. Due to taper on the plunger the ball moves in the cavity of the shutter and locks it in unarmed position.
b) During flight, when set back force ceases, set forward plunger re-asserts to its original position aided by the spring and set forward force, causing the ball to roll out, thus unlocking the shutter. The shutter slides in the armed position by torsion spring making detonator and crystal unsorted.
c) On impact, nose of the fuze is crushed in and the impact on piezo crystal generates an electric pulse which is passed to the detonator in the shutter. The detonator functions and detonation wave is passed to the booster. The booster pellet is positioned at the bottom of the lower pellet. A conical resonator having central hole accommodating the tip of the copper cone is placed at the base of the filling embedded in the lower pellet and thus the resonator helps in effective jet formation of detonation wave.
a) Mass of complete round 29.0 kgs
b) Muzzle velocity at +15°C 905 m/s
c) i. Maximum Range 4000 m
ii. Point blank Range 960 m
d) Armour thickness defeated at
  i. Normal attack 500 mm
  ii. 60 degree angle of attack 220 mm
e) Max. chamber pressure at +15°C (True) 353 MPa
Strict quality measures is adopted during filling and assembly. Added to this, functioning proof is carried out in association with Service Quality Assurance Agency.
a) Piezo crystal is shorted in unarmed position of the shutter thus making the fuze safe for handling, storage and transportation.
b) The detonator is shorted and this prevents passage of electric impulse if accidentally developed, during handling, storage and transportation.
Besides above, multiple mechanical safety arrangements have been provided in the fuze to ensure total safety during handling and transportation.
The ammunition has high degree of reliability due to electrical/percussion alternative available in the Primer design. It is highly consistent and accurate due to the basic design features and strict quality control at all stages of production.

The shelf life for individual items are as follows :

Cartg. Case 05 Years (Prov)
HE from shell 15 Years
Propellant 10 Years
Primer GUV-7 05 Years
Fuze B-15 10 Years
Tracer 07 Years
One cartridge is packed in a metallic container hermetically sealed which is further packed finally alongwith one shell in a wooden box.
Stowage dimension of wooden box is 863 mm x 540 mm x 292 mm. & Steel box drg. no. C-52A - 755 mm x 430 mm x 230 mm.
Compatibility F
Hazard Division 1.1
Fire fighting classification 1
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