Shell 130 mm HE
The 130 mm, gun M-46 is a long range medium gun and is capable of direct as well as indirect laying fire. The gun is designed to :
i) Destroy/neutralise hostile artillery including self propelled artillery.
ii) Fight the enemy heavy tanks.
iii) Destroy enemy pill boxes and strong field works.
iv) Fire at enemy rear areas and concentration areas
The ammunition is of Q.F Separate type, permitting the adjustment of propellant charge.
Action Of Fuze


On firing : On set back, the upper arming collar sets back compressing the arming spring and closes lateral recesses in the inertia pellet sleeve thus preventing the centrifugal bolts from moving out of the groove in the inertia pellet, thereby locking the inertia pellet during the passage of the projectile in the bore of the gun.


During Flight : the arming spring exerts itself and pushes upwards the upper arming collar clearing lateral recesses in the inertia pellet sleeve, the centrifugal bolts fly outward due to centrifugal force thereby disengaging from the inertia pellet. The fuze is armed. The inertia pellet is held away from the striker by the striker spring until the point of impact.


On impact : The inertia pellet overcomes the resistance of the striker spring and moves towards the striker. The detonator in the inertia pellet gets initiated. The flash passes through the diagonal channel in the striker holder, through the four half circular vertical grooves on strike head and onto delay composition. After the delay composition is burnt out, the flash initiates the detonator in the magazine which in turn initiates the charge in the magazine. This charge in turn detonates the bursting charge in the shell.


Weight of filled shell

31.50 to 32.60 kgs


Filling type standard

TNT (3.43 kgs)


Muzzle velocity


For full variable charge

810 to 930 m/s


For reduced variable charge

525 to 705 m/s


Maximum Range

a) For full variable charge 22440 to 27490 m
b) For reduced variable charge 13360 to 19130 m
v) Cartg. Filled with propellant (13500 g) for FVC NQ/S 251-084 & NQ/M 254
vi) Cartg. Filled with propellant (6663 g) for RVC AP 043 &
AP/S 376 - 117
Quality is ensured at every stage of manufacture. Shell and cartridge are filled under strict quality control and proof carried out for their performance requirements.
Reliability of shells and cartridge is ensured by independent testing of each sub system/sub assemblies and also further as a complete store for its functioning requirements.

The shelf life for individual items are as follows :

Cartg. Case

10 years


10 years
Fuze 05 years
HE from shell 20 years
One cartg. Case and one shell filled (plugged) without adapter alongwith other packing fitments is packed in wooden box.

15 Nos. of fuzes B-429 with adapter packed in 15 Nos. of plastic ammunition containers which are further packed in ammunition container box (steel) alongwith other packing fitments.

Compatibility group


Hazard division



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