155 mm Shell HE 107
The shell HE 107 is designed for firing at maximum 18 kms. range. It is often used for training/practice, in addition to its normal role as anti-personnel, ammunition

Shell body is forged and machined from a special steel. It is filled with TNT. This shell can be used together with point detonating (PD) or proximity fuze. For easy handling, the shell is fitted with ‘T’ handle which also protects the fuze threads.

The nose of the shell is screw threaded internally to receive the fuze and the base of the shell is tapered externally to increase the aerodynamic efficiency.
When the gun is fired, the shell is ejected out at varying muzzle velocity due to the gas pressure created by the burning of propellant. The driving band on the shell gets engraved in the rifling of the barrel and makes the shell rotate. The composition exploding (CE) is activated by the fuze and the bursting charge explodes.

Different types of fuzes can be used for shell 107, viz one is Zelar Fuze which has 8 different setting modes. It is designed to meet the highest safety demands and has five different safety systems. If setting is for proximity circuit, the impact circuit is earthed.
i) Low sensitivity- Wet ground conditions
ii) High sensitivity Dry ground conditions
iii) Normal sensitivity Normal ground conditions
iv) Safe  
v) Long delay Recochet Burst
vi) Short delay Penetration Burst
viii) Instantaneous Action High sensitivity. For example - Snow covered ground.
viii) Instantaneous Action Normal sensitivity

The Zelar fuze has a back up function, if the normal function fails, the fuze functions as a super quick impact fuze.

a) Mass of the shell with fuze 43.1 kgs
b) Mass of the shell without fuze 42.1 kgs
c) Length of shell with fuze 701 mm
d) Length of shell without fuze 604 mm
e) Filling type, standard TNT
f) Filling mass 6.6 kgs
g) Compatible fuzes Zelar, PDM572 C1
h) Primer used Primer M 191 A-2
i) Compatible charges Green bag (Zone 3-5)
White bag (Zone 4-7) Charge 8
j) Muzzle velocity of shell at charge 5 for Green bag 368 m/s
at charge 7 for White bag 578 m/s
at charge 8 690 m/s
k) Max. Range 18 km approx
l) Maximum permissible chamber pressure 386 Mpa
m) Shelf life 15 years
n) Temperature operating - 20°C to + 60°C
o) Temperature, storage Mean value during the year less than +32°C
Min. Temp - 40°C Max. +55°C + 1150 W/M 2 solar radiation, Equivalent to approx. +70°C
Quality is ensured at every stage of manufacture. Shells are filled and a carrying handle of ‘T’ shape is fitted under strict Quality Control & Proof carried out for their performance requirements.
Reliability of shells is ensured by independent testing of each sub-systems/sub-assys. And also further as a complete store for its functioning requirements.
The shells are packed in unit loads in wooden pallets containing 12 shells in each unit.


880 mm


1060 mm


575 mm
Mass of unit load 550 kgs



Hazard Division


Fire fighting classification

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