84 mm HEAT 651
This ammunition is fired from Gun 84 mm RCL Carl Gustaf M2 from the shoulder. The cartridge combines some of the characteristics of Rocket and Artillery ammunition in the design. The ammunition functions on the principle of shaped charge. The ammunition is of Swedish design.

The 84 mm HEAT ammunition is used against all types of armoured fighting vehicles, landing crafts, concrete bunkers and similar types of targets. In addition to its good penetrating power against these targets, the fragments of shell body have a high lethal effect on troops in close proximity to the target.

The ammunition is of fixed type. The design of the ammunition parts and functioning are like artillery components excepting that the rear of the cartridge case is closed by a plastic blow out disc (base plate), which allows rearward escape of gases, and ignition of propellant is by a side located percussion cap and an igniter composition. Cartridge case is made of light aluminium alloy drawn to specification BS 1470 Grade 6082 TF or IS 736 Grade 64430 WP. At the rear, it is formed with a flange, which is cut away over a length to take a guide while loading in the gun. At about 90 degree from the cut away flange a hole with two diameters is provided on the body of the case to take the percussion cap. The shell body is made of light alloy to specification BS 1474 Grade 2014 A TF or IS 1285 Grade 24345 WP. Fuze FFV 651 is of Swedish design. Propellant NGB 204 is a ballistite propellant. This ammunition is manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence Specification No. CQA 0310 and drawing number F1321-204571E.


Total length of ammunition 538 mm (Approx)
Total mass of ammunition 2.8 kgs (Approx)
Mass of projectile 1.6 kgs (Approx)
Propellant (ACM) 0.36 kg (Approx)
Explosive filling in primer (cap) (Composition VH 2 & Zirconium) 0.14 gms (Approx)
Explosive filling in Igniter
(Composition Z47B & NC 110)
15.0 gms
Explosive filling in Projectile 0.5 kg (Approx)
Explosive filling in tracer 1.4 gms (Approx)
Explosive filling in fuze 20.2 gms
Net explosive content 896.746 gms


Muzzle velocity 305 m/s
Killing range against moving target 450 m
Killing range against static target 550 m
a) Homohard armour (normal attack) 400 mm
b) RCC target 1000 mm
The weapon is of recoilless type and can be fired from the shoulder. In addition to its anti-tank role, anti-personnel role is also being achieved due to splinters of the shells.
The electric detonator remains off-centre during all stages of operation and this remains disconnected from the explosive train.
Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for use in combat field environment.
The shelf life of the ammunition is 10 years
Two rounds are packed in twin containers made up of injection moulded tube of high density polyethylene. 4 such twin containers (total 8 rounds) are packed in one wooden crate.


Packing box size 742 mm x 538 mm x 315 mm
Gross weight 45.5 kgs
Net weight 22.5 kgs
Volume 0.126 cu.m


Compatibility group F
Hazard division 1.2
Fire fighting class 2
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