155 mm SMOKE SHELL FFV 007 ER (24KM)
The shells are normally used to mask the movement or redeployment of own forces from enemy observation, thereby neutralizing direct enemy fire. The 155 mm Smoke Shell FFV 007 ER (24 KM) is a modern Smoke Shell designed for firing at long ranges, upto to 24 km. It is fully compatible with all 155 mm guns. The Smoke Shell FFV 007 ER is machined in two parts from forged blanks that are screwed together. There are two smoke canisters inside each shell. The shell must be used together with a time fuze, for example DM 153 and is fitted with a T-handle, that also protects the fuze threads.
When the gun is fired, the charge drives the shell through the barrel. The velocity varies depending upon the charge used. The driving band at the rear of the shell engages the rifling of the barrel and makes the shell rotate for stability in flight. The shell must be used together with a mechanical time fuze DM 153 which has two setting modes, impact mode and time setting mode. When the set time of the fuze has elapsed, the expelling charge is initiated and the smoke canisters are ignited. The first expelling charge creates a pressure inside the shell and ignites the second expelling charge. This charge pushes the rear smoke canister out of the shell together with the base plug. The pressure created by the first expelling charge pushes the first canister out of the shell. The brake flaps then folds out, reducing the rotation of the canisters. The speed of the smoke canisters is slowed down and the rotation further reduced. The canisters then turn 180° and are stabilized by the brake flaps. The brake flaps reduce the decent rate to about 50 m/s. The flaps guarantees that the canisters reach the ground with the smoke outlets pointing upwards. The low decent rate eliminates the risk of rebound and shattering against hard ground as well as the risk of sinking into soft ground. The Smoke generation process is fully effective at the moment the canisters reach the ground. The Smoke composition is of a new type consisting of Hexachlorethane and Titanium Dioxide. It rapidly produces a dense and persistent smoke screen.
a) Mass of the shell with fuze 44 kgs (Approx)
b) Length of the shell with fuze 878 mm
c) Smoke emission duration 6 min ± 45 sec
d) Maximum rotation on expelling 12, 000 rpm
e) Minimum rotation on expelling 5,000 rpm
f) Velocity at separation <345 m/s
g) Descent rate of canister 50 m/s
h) Optimum height of burst 300 m
i) Compatible charges Green bag (3-5)
White bag (4-7)
Charge 8, Charge 9
j) Compatible fuze DM 153
k) Maximum range 24 km
l) Shelf life 10 years
m) Maximum Chamber pressure 440 Mpa
n) Operating temp. -20°C to +60°C
o) Storage temp. Mean value during the year <35°C
Minimum -40°C
Max + 55° C +1140 W/M² Solar radiation, equivalent to approx. 70°C
Quality is ensured at every stage of manufacture. Shells are filled and a carrying handle of ‘T’ shape is fitted under strict Quality Control and Proof carried out for their performance requirements.
Reliability of Shells is ensured by independent testing of each sub systems/sub-assemblies and also further as a complete store for its functioning requirements.
The shells are packed in unit loads in wooden pallets containing 12 shells in each unit.


915 mm


1060 mm


570 mm
Mass of Unit Load 556 kgs



Hazard Division


Fire fighting classification

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