The payload is an illuminating candle attached to a parachute. Because this cannot be successfully ejected directly from the shell due to the high spin and velocity which still occur at the moment of deployment, this payload is contained within a steel canister with its own delayed ejection charge. When the canister is ejected, the delay ignites and simultaneously a drogue parachute deploys and anti-rotation fins open on the canister, drastically reducing velocity and rotation of the canister before the flare and parachute are ejected from it.
Since it has a low rate of descent, the candle continues to give good ground illumination over a wide area during its total burning time. This could facilitate redeployment of own forces but is more likely to be used for surveillance of enemy movement which might otherwise go undetected in darkness.


Estimated mass

43 ± 0.4 Kgs

Net Expl. content

2.6 Kgs (Approx)
Length 843 mm
Diameter 154.5 mm
Luminosity 750 000 Cd minimum
Range 24 Km
32 Km. (extended range with BB)
Time of burning 90 sec (Min)
Fuze DM-153 or M76 Ex-Bulova
Fuze Setter M15 A2 for setting Fuze M85P13T3
Shelf life 10 years
Shell 155 mm illuminating 24 Km belongs to the family of illuminating gun ammunition. Used extensively to support night warfare. The illumination provided by this ammunition is sufficient for identification and engagement of all types of moving and non-moving objects. This ammunition will also help for movement of troops and location of enemy post and their movement.
The shell is fired from 155 mm 39 Calibre gun. The shell is intended to be used with electronic fuze M85P13T3 or DM-153 or M76 Ex-Bulova, to ensure ejection of parachute with illuminating candle at the desired height and range. It provides illumination of minimum 750000 candela for a period of not less than 90 seconds. It has cannister supported with parachute and spin break sysytem.
It is provided with fuze of 150 seconds time mechanism (adjustable) with safe and arming device. Cannister is supported by the drouge parachute & spin break system. It provides intense illumination on the ground. The ammunition can be fired at any altitude or terrain including desert and snow bound areas.
Quality assurance system on the product is based in accordance with ISO standard ISO-9001, IS-2500/BS-600 and related specn JSS/BIS/IND(ME) and store specn/drawing.
It has a high degree of accuracy and reliabilty
12 shells are packed on a pallet provided with wooden block for fixing the shells in position. Alternatively packing can be done as per customer's requirement
1128 X 960 X 562 mm
Lifting plug should not be unscrewed until the shell is to be made ready for firing.




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