( Mk 1)
The MK-1 is an advanced 125-mm high-velocity flat-trajectory Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding-Sabot Tracered cartridge, designed for use with the 125mm gun.

This cartridge consists of two parts: the projectile unit and the main (rear) charge. The projectile unit comprises a projectile fitted into a combustible case, containing part of the propelling charge.

The main charge is similar to that used by any 125-mm kinetic ammunition.

The projectile includes a four-segment type sabot and a sub-projectile.

The design of the sabot contributes to the great accuracy of the cartridge at all combat ranges in the modern battlefield.

The sub-projectile uses the most advanced available technology. Its tungsten-alloy penetrator has unique mechanical properties that, combined with its shape, result in a superior penetration capability.

The cartridge is loaded into the tank gun and fired using regular firing procedures. When the projectile exits the muzzle, gas and aerodynamic forces cause the sabot segments to separate from the sub-projectile. The fin-stabilizes the sub-projectile to continue on its extremely flat trajectory to the target. Penetration is achieved by the kinetic energy of the high-density penetrator.

This cartridge has been tested against various armored targets and has shown superior penetration capability in comparison with other 125-mm KE cartridges.

The low velocity drop of the sub-projectile in its flight towards the target, ensures a high penetration performance at all combat ranges.  
Projectile weight 7.89 kg
Projectile unit length max. 678 mm
Penetrator Tungsten alloy
Sabot Aluminum


Propelling charge weight 8.5 kg
Penetrator L/D ratio approx. 20
Muzzle velocity 1660m/s (nominal)
Chamber pressure 570 Mpa (nominal)
Accuracy, typical SD 0.25 mil
Firing -40 to +50°C
Storage -40 to +70°C
Storage class SCG 1.3C
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