155-mm HE-ER (High-Explosive Extended-Range) base-bleed projectile
The 155-mm HE-ER (High-Explosive Extended-Range) base-bleed projectile is operated primarily for blast and fragmentation against infantry troops and soft materiel targets.

This projectile can be fired from 39, 45, 52 -calibre 155-mm artillery guns using all types of propelling charges. The increased range is achieved by using a low-drag aerodynamic shape coupled with base bleed technology.
The projectile contains 12 kilograms of TNT in a thin-walled, high-strength, high-fragmentation steel- alloy body.

It has a deep-cavity fuze design that accepts Point-Detonating (PD) or proximity (VT) fuzes.

An aluminium liner in the deep fuze cavity contains a supplementary TNT charge. When proximity fuze is fitted, the supplementary charge is removed.

When a PD fuze is used, it detonates the supplementary charge upon impact, which in turn detonates the projectile filler. When a proximity fuze is used, detonation occurs when the projectile approaches the target (proximity action). The proximity fuze contains its own booster element to detonate the projectile filler.


Length (without fuze)

857 millimetres

Weight (without fuze)

43 kilograms

HE TNT filler weight

12 kilograms

Fuze type

PD or VT

Hazard class


UN number




Accuracy %PE < 0.30
Maximum range from 39-cal. Barrel

30,000 m

Maximum range from 45-cal. Barrel

34,500 m


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