Bomb 81 mm PWP (Plasticised White Phosphorous) Smoke type screening Ammunition is used in combat field to achieve dense Smoke screen for facilitating tactical deployment of troops and screening from enemy fire.

The Bomb is fired from the 81 mm smooth bore Mortar which is a muzzle loading Weapon. The Ammunition is also compatible with same calibre Weapons of Hotchkiss Mortar long barrel. In using with Hotchkiss short barrel, Mortar M1 and Mortar M29 firing is limited upto charge 5 or 6. The direct percussion Fuze initiates the Bomb to burst at target and generate the white screening smoke uniformly.

The fuze used is percussion direct action type No. 162 MK8 (M2). The Bomb is filled with plasticised white phosphorus. These bombs are assembled with an Adapter Tube Assembly instead of Nose container. The Primary Cartridge contains 7.4 gram (nominal) of Propellant N:G:B 051.The augmenting charges are 8 in number of Horse Shoe shaped celluloid containers, protected by half cups containing 12.47 gram (nominal)of Propellant NGB 221.The Bomb is stabilised in flight by fins of Tail Unit No. 1A.

This ammunition is made to Government of India, Ministry of Defence Specification No. 1A 1296 and drawing No. ITV 22 GF.
Approx Qty. of PWP 500 g
Length of Bomb with Fuze 378 mm
Approx Mass of the filled Bomb 4.4 kgs
Net Explosive Content 840 g
Muzzle velocity 295 metre/second
Mean range 4974 metres at charge 8. Variable ranges can be achieved by adjusting the number of augmenting Cartridges/charges
Time for build up of Smoke 5 seconds
Average duration of Smoke 20 seconds
Colour of Smoke White
The Bomb is capable of screening wide area with dense white Smoke uniformly without any pillaring effect. Windowing in Smoke screen is also eliminated.

Combat soldiers can personally carry the Bombs with ease as it is packed in plastic carriers with Sling.

The Fuze assembled with the Bomb is of direct action, detonating type. The design of the Fuze prevents premature arming when air dropped.

A black coloured ‘Night Identification Ring’ is fitted on the Safety Cap of the Fuze for easy identification of the Bomb during Night.

The Mortar can be fired at high angles of fire with a high degree of accuracy
Strict quality checks are observed during various stages of production. The bomb body as well as other components are proved / inspected separately in empty stage before being released for filling and assembly. Added to this, functional proving is carried out in association with the Services Quality Assurance Organisation. The bombs are filled and assembled in lots of 1000 Nos.
Multiple mechanical safety arrangements have been provided in the Fuze to ensure total safety during handling and transportation.
Due to the simple design of direct action Percussion Fuze, the Bomb is capable of functioning at all field conditions.
The shelf life of the filled Bomb is 10 years.
The packing consists of inner and outer packages. The inner package is a HDPE/LDPE Carrier No. 10C which accommodates two Bombs and provides protection during transport and storage in all climatic conditions. This carrier is then packed in a sturdy metallic Carrier No. 13A which holds, two HDPE/LDPE Carriers, containing 4 Bombs.
  • 460 mm x 300 mm x 240 mm holding 4 Bombs. Cubic content 0.033 cu m.
  • Gross weight of the package is 28.00 kg.
  • Net weight of Bombs per Carrier No. 13A is 17.60 kg.
    Compatibility classification group of Bomb H
    Hazard division 1.2
    Fire fighting classification 2
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