Bomb 81 mm Mortar Illuminating belongs to the family of Illuminating ammunition extensively used to support night warfare. It provides intense Illumination for identification and engagement of all types of moving and stationary objects. It is useful for movement of troops and to locate the enemy.

The Bomb is fired from a 81 mm smooth Mortar which is a muzzle loading weapon. The ammunition is also compatible with same calibre weapon of Hotchkiss make long barrel mortar. In using with Hotchkiss short barrel or Mortar M29, firing is limited upto charge 5 or 6.

The bomb is provided with time mechanical and impact Fuze, which functions at the trajectory at the pre-set time enabling the illuminant canister supported by parachute to eject and deploy in the air at a height of around 400 metres.

General Assembly consists of Body front, Body rear, Tail Unit Fuze and Illuminant system and parachute. The candle composition has Magnesium Powder, Potassium Nitrate and Resin. The front body contains the flare star and a separating charge. The rear body houses the parachute ejection spring and the parachute system.

Primary Cartridge contains Propellant NGB 051 in paper Cartridge. Augmenting Cartridge has Propellant NGB 221 in horse shoe shaped celluloid containers.

The Fuze is Time Mechanical Fuze No.213 MK5 (M3)

This ammunition is manufactured to Government of India ,Ministry of Defence Specification No. CQA (A) 2344 (d) and drawing Number ITV -44 GF.
Estimated mass 3.88 + 0.08 kgs
Net explosive content 743 gm (Approx)
Length 552 mm
Diameter 80.6 - 0.1 mm
Duration of burning 30 sec (min)
Luminosity 900,000 candela (min)
Range 4800 m (min)
Fuze 213T & P MK-5 (M-3)
Weapon 81 mm mortar E1 in 1st quarter
Shelf life 10 years
Time mechanical fuze provided in the bomb can be set anywhere upto 80 sec to have illumination at the desired location.

Range table indicating fuze setting and augmenting charges, would be provided along with the ammunition to facilitate illumination at the desired range and height.

Combat soldiers can personally carry the bombs with ease as it is packed in plastic carriers with shoulder strap.

The packed ammunition is fit for air drop and sea worthy transportation.

The ammunition can be used in any terrain including desert and snow bound land.
Strict quality measures are adopted by organised quality control and quality assurance system right from the input materials upto various stages and inter-stages of production. The empties and filled components are permitted to go into further assembly only after due test, proof and inspection as required. The Bomb is made in lots of 1000 Nos. Besides standard checks and tests, samples representing the lot is subjected to functional (dynamic) proof. Sentencing is done on double sampling plan by applying 6.5% AQL for the bomb performance and 4% AQL for the fuze performance. Acceptance criteria has been well defined. The candle power of the illuminant canister is measured by fully automatic computerised luminosity measuring equipment. The technique of decision graph has been adopted as a measure of acceptance for variable parameters.
Multiple mechanical safety arrangements have been provided in the fuze to ensure total safety during handling and transportation.
The ammunition has recorded high degree of reliability and consistency.
The shelf life of the filled bomb is 10 years.
Packing consists of inner and outer packages. Inner package is a twin air right HDPE/LDPE Carrier No. 17A which accommodates 2 bombs and protects during transport and storage in all climatic conditions. The carrier is then packed in a Wooden Crate No. 16A, which holds 2 carriers containing 4 bombs Packed ammunition is fit for sea transport and air drop.
Packing Box size 680 mm x 305 mm x 250 mm holding 4 bombs
Gross weight of the package consisting of 4 bombs 32.5 kgs
Net weight per crate of 4 bombs 16.8 kgs
The Bomb is classified in the compatibility group G
Hazard division 1.2
Fire fighting classification 2
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