The Bomb is basically smoke type screening ammunition in the combat field, creating a dense smoke screen and facilitating tactical deployment of own troops and vehicles evading from enemy firing.
The Bomb is fired from 120mm Mortar, smooth bore, muzzle loading weapon. The direct action percussion fuze initiates the Bomb to burst at the target instantaneously and generate the white smoke uniformly. The Bomb can generate the white screening smoke at the target for a period of 20 secs and the time required for the build up of the smoke is 5 secs.
a) Mass of the filled bomb 13.225 kgs
b) Muzzle velocity 331 m/sec
c) Max range 6512 m

(Variable ranges can be achieved by adjusting no. of augmenting cartridges)

a) The Bomb is capable of screening the area with dense white smoke uniformly without any pillaring effect.

b) The design adopted in the Fuze Mechanism prevents the fuze from premature arming when air dropped
Strict quality measures are adopted during all stages of manufacture of components, filling assembly and packing. Each component used is proved/inspected separately before being released for filling/assembly. In addition, functioning, /dynamic proof is carried out in association with Service Quality Assurance Agency. The Bomb is filled and assembled in lots of 2000 Nos.
Multiple Mechanical Safety devices have been provided in the Fuze to ensure total safety in handling and transportation.
a) The Mortar 120mm has got a high angle of fire and high degree of accuracy.
b) Due to the simple design of the direct action percussion Fuze, the Bomb is capable of functioning in all conditions.
The shelf life of filled Bomb is 10 years.
The packing consists of one inner packing and an outer packing. The inner packing is water proof laminated paper container in which one Bomb is packed. Two such containers are packed in a sturdy steel box. The laminated paper container used is capable of protecting the Bomb in all adverse weather conditions.
The Stowage dimensions of the packed steel box are 800 mm x 349 mm x 177mm to hold two bombs.

Gross weight of the package is 44 kgs
The Bomb is classified in
Compatibility group H
Hazard Division 1.2
Fire Fighting Classification 2
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