Bomb 120 mm ILLG belongs to the family of ILLG Ammunition used extensively to support night warfare and aerial survey. It provides intense Illumination for identification and engagement of all types of stationery and moving objects.
The Bomb is fired from 120 mm mortar E1 Smooth Bore, Muzzle loading weapon. The bomb is provided with time Mechanical Fuze which functions along the trajectory at the pre-set time enabling Illuminant canister supported by parachute to eject and deploy in the air at a height of around 500 to 600 meters. It provides Intense Illumination over an area of 600 meters radius for a period of more than 40 Secs.
Estimated mass 13.05 ± 0.20 kgs
Net explosive content 735 gm
Length 677 mm (max)
Diameter 119.7 mm (max)
Height of burst 600 m (optimum)
Range of burst 6000 m (optimum)
Time of burning 40 sec (min)
Area of illumination 600 m (radius)
Luminosity 10,00,000 candela (min)
Range 6000 m (max)
Fuze 213T & P MK-5 (M-4)
Velocity 330 ± 4.3 m/sec
Weapon 120 mm mortar E1
Shelf life 10 years
a) Time mechanical fuze ensures functioning at the desired location.

b) Range table indicating fuze setting, QE and augmenting charges would be provided along with the Ammn to facilitate illumination at the desired range and height.

c) Packed Ammn is fit for air dropping and sea worthy transportation.

d) Can be used in any terrain including desert and snow bound land
Strict quality control measures established by organized Quality Control and Quality systems right from the input material upto final production. The components and sub-assemblies like tail unit, fuze illuminant, delay etc. are subjected to test/proof before final assembly. The assembled bomb in lot of 1000 Nos. after undergoing standard test and checks is subjected to functional (dynamic) proof. An AQL of 10% including fuze performance is applied to all major defects as listed in the quality assurance documents. Technique of decision graph adopted for variable parameters. Candle power of the illuminant is measured by fully automatic computerized luminosity measuring equipment. No critical defect is permissible.
Multiple Mechanical Safety arrangements have been provided in the Fuze to ensure total safety in handling and transportation.
The Ammn has recorded high degree of reliability & consistency.
10 years.
Packing consists of inner and outer packages. Inner package is of paper liner container with steel end caps. 2 such containers are packed in steel boxes, which is fit for air drop. Gross weight of the package is 37.2 Kgs, Package is sea worthy & air worthy.
800 mm x 349 mm x 177 mm holding 2 Bombs.
The bomb is classified in the compatibility group G
Hazard Division 1.2
Fire Fighting Classification 2
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