The device comprises Cartg. HE Bomb and Sabot. The combination of these two represents 81 mm HE Bomb and provides an inexpensive but realistic training for the complete Mortar crew, including the observer within a confined area.

The mass and shape together with the cartridge is similar to that of Live 81 mm HE Bomb. It fully simulates the conditions of loading and firing of HE Bomb.

To get varied ranges, this training ammunition is provided with two different Charges. The minimum range with Charge-I is 245 m and the maximum range with Charge-II is 540 m. Thus, training can be provided to troops even within a limited Area available for the purpose.

One Cartridge training is consumed per firing. However, the sabot can be used repeatedly for about 1000 firings.

The Sabot assembled with the Cartridge training is loaded into the 81 mm mortar barrel. On firing the percussion cap in the primary cartridge functions and initiates the ejection charges. This creates pressure and ejects the Sabot with cartridge training out of the mortar. The secondary charge also gets initiated by the ejection charge and due to the pressure generated, the case cartridges gets decrimped thus disengaging the projectile. Sabot and projectile along with case cartridge go together for a distance of 2 to 3 m after which the projectile gets detached from sabot. The sabot with case cartridge falls at a distance of 5 to 20 m from the mortar, whereas the projectile follows its trajectory path to the required ranges depending upon the charge at which it is fired.

During the flight of the projectile, the balls in the fuze which were held in position by the crimped case cartridge are free to fall down in the trajectory. Now the detonator holder is held away from the striker by the striker spring only. On impact, the striker spring gets compressed, the detonator overcomes the spring and hits the striker under the influence of set forward force which in turn initiates the smoke composition. The pressure thus generated helps in throwing away of the tail unit and emission of smoke takes place through the tail unit opening, accompanied by sound and flash.
Length of Cartridge 238.3 mm
Length of Sabot 349 mm
Maximum dia of sabot 81.5 - 0.1 mm
Mass of Sabot With Cartg. 4.2 Kgs (Same as that of Bomb 81mm Mortar HE)
Mass of Sabot without Cartg 3.5 Kgs
  • Maximum range - 540m.
  • Minimum range - 245m
  • Temperature - - 20 ° C to + 50 ° C
    The ammunition consists of
  • Cartridge Training for 81 mm Mortar Bomb 2A, 2B
  • Sabot Mortar Bomb 81 mm 1A
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