BOMB HE A/C 1000 lbs
The Bomb HE 1000 LB is made of Cast Steel construction open at both ends. The Bomb body is filled with high explosive. The nose opening is closed by an exploder container. The rear end of the body is under cut internally, to form a lip in which are out two diametrically opposite slots. An internally threaded end ring is passed slide ways through the slots, and then secured to the underside of the lip by four screws which pass through the lip into the end ring. The rear opening of the body is closed by filling plug which is screwed into the end ring. The rear end of the body has an annular groove to accept the securing screws of either a tall unit or a transit base. The nose exploder container is internally threaded to accept either a nose fuze or a nose plug. The filling is sealed into the body, at each end by a layer of T.N.T. and a layer of a sealing composition. The rear exploder container houses a removable exploder consisting of one small pellet and a larger pellet. The outer pellet has a central hole which serves as a detonator pocket. To protect the containers from the main filling of the bomb each is closed in a resin-bonded paper tube. Tail unit is used to stabilize the Bomb during its flight.

It consists of following components.

i.    Exploder 3 oz 15 dr.
ii.   Exploder 9 oz 5 dr.
iii.  Disc felt
iv.  Detonator holder
v.  Screw locking

If these bombs are required for use in a penetrative role, all the nose components are to be removed and a transit plug is to be fitted to the bomb.

Total length with tail unit 7 ft. 6 inch approx.
Max dia of body less suspension plug housing 1 ft. 4.5 inch approx.
Tail unit length 2 ft. 4.5 inch approx.
Total weight of filled Bomb W/o tail unit 450 kgs approx.
Weight of bursting charge 185 kgs approx.
Weight of tail unit 25.36 kgs
It can be dropped from heights as high as 15000 metres. It penetrates deep into subsoil strats and detonates giving earthquake effect. Against concrete runways penetrates deep and detonates leaving a crater of approx 6m x 3m deep thus putting them out of commission.


Strict quality measures are adopted during various state of production. The bomb body as well as other components are proved / inspected separately in empty stage before being released for filling and assembly. Added to this functioning proof is carried out in association with Air Armament Inspection wing.
All multiple mechanical safety arrangements have been provided to ensure safety of ammunition during transportation as well as filling and dropping from Air Craft.
Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for use in combat field environment.

The shelf life of filled Bomb is about 30 years.

1257.3 ± 3.8 mm length x 393.31 ± 0.50 mm dia
Compatibility D
Hazard division 1.1
Fire fighting classification 1
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