This ammunition is fired from a 70 mm / 65 mm Chamber 12 Bore Gun. This is generally used for hunting, scaring away of animals, crop protection etc. Non-corrosive caps are used in the cartridges. The use of smokeless propellant power give no smoke after firing and use of Quality lead shots gives a good impact on the target.

This ammunition is manufactured to Specification DGOF/127(c).

Total length of finished ammunition after filling 60.5 mm
Total length of empty case 65.0 mm
Total mass of the ammunition 44.7 g
Composition of the primer A1 mixture
Charge mass of the composition 23 to 29 mg
Type of propellant smokeless
Charge mass of the propellant 1.7 to 2.1 g
Mass of the projectile (lead shots) 30 g
Type of lead shots Chilled
Hardness of lead shots 13 VPN
Range of shot size presently manufactured From Biggest No. BB to smallest No.9
Shot No. Diameter No. of shots per 30g.
BB 4.08 mm 74
9 2.02 mm 616
Velocity at 9 m from muzzle 320 ± 15.2m/s
Accuracy Accuracy of hit of Pellets within 76.2 cm Circle on target placed at 27 .4 m distance from the muzzle Cylinder with & without choke barrel 90% & 56%
Pressure Maximum permissible 3.5 TSI/54.0 Mpa
All components, going into the cartridge, go through strict quality checks and no deviation from the laid down parameters is permitted. Important Constituents of the cartridge like the cases, propellant and the percussion, caps are proof tested before use in the manufacture of the cartridges. The manufacture of the cartridge in automatic loading machines in controlled atmosphere ensures uniform and highly consistent quality in the cartridges. Finished cartridges are subjected to 100% visual inspection to weed out defectives. Gauging of the cartg lots is done as per sample plan and proof firing is conducted on the finished cartg lots to ensure quality of performance for the cartridges for velocity, accuracy and pressure as per IS -2500.

Cartridges, so found acceptable after such stringent inspection schedule are only released in the market. No doubt, therefore most customers prefer our cartridges only.

The design and construction of our cartridges make it extremely safe to handle. Cap percussions, which pass through strict sensitivity and insensitivity tests are so assembled in the case that even rough handling do not activate the cartridges. The star crimping of the case ensure positive sealing of the cases and thus ensure complete protection of propellant from outside influence.

Strict quality checks and final performance proof on the finished cartridge lots as per laid down norms ensure high level of quality in our cartridges.
The shelf life of the special cartridges is maximum 5 years.
Our cartridges are packed in multicolored and attractive laminated cartons. 25 cartridges are packed in one carton. A lot of 20 cartons holding 500 cartridges or a lot of 10 cartons holding 250 cartridges are first put in polythene bags and then heat sealed to avoid ingress of moisture. These polythene bags with 25 or 50 cartons are then packed in wooden boxes or pre-printed fibre board boxes respectively and duly strapped with steel or plastic tapes. The packing is quite secure and lasting.
  Wooden Boxes with 500 cartgs. Corrugated fibre board with 250 cartgs.
Packing Dimensions 380 mm x 276 mm x 276 mm 336 mm x 236 mm x 120 mm
Gross Weight 29 Kgs (approx.) 12. Kgs (approx.)
Explosive Classification 1.4, 2S
Fire Fighting Classification Clause 1
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