This small arms ammunition is fired from the 12.7mm Anti aircraft maching gun (HCB 12.7mm) which is mounted on commonders cupola T-72 tanks. The design of this ammunition is similar to a small complete round. It includes cartridge case, percussion cap, propellant charge and bullet with spotting and tracer composition.

The cartridge case of the brass is rimless type, formed cap chamber at the base provided with two flash holes and an anvil. The mouth of the case is coned on to the body of the bullet. Percussion cap is Berden type consisting of a brass cap in which is loaded, a cap composition (i.e.FA 956) in form of pellet which is Lead Styphnate based. The propellant charge is made up of Nitrocellulose having multi tubular.

The bullet is of the composite type and streamlined. It consists of two parts which are contained in outer envelope of gliding metal. The first part consists of steel core which is enclosed in outer lead sleeve. Incase of API and incendiary composition is placed inside the GM envelope before insertion of steel core and lead sleeve assembly. The end position of the envelope is then turned over. Incase of APIT bullet there is an addition tracer capsule at the boat tail end of the bullet. The ammunition is manufactured as per No7E 21.000Ty.


Total length of ammunition 147 mm (Maximum) 147 mm (Maximum)
Total mass of ammunition 137.00g (Maximum) 132 .00g (Maximum)
Mass of bullet 49 .00 g (Maximum) 44.8 g (Max)
Mass of case 64.60 g 64.60 g
Mass of cap 0.990 g 0.990 g
Explosive filling in Cap 0.095 g (Max) Dry 0.095 g (Max) Dry
Explosive filling in bullet 1.05 g Incendiary compo 2.785 g Tracer & Incendiary compo
Propellant (ACM) 15.17 g (as reqd)

15.17 g (as reqd)

Net explosive content 16.145 g (Max) 18.93 g


(a) Pressure Average 303.8 Mpa (Max)
(b) Mean Velocity from 558 mm Barrel at 25 m from muzzle 817 m/s
(c) Consistency (Mean Figure of Merit at 100 m ) 18 cm or less
(d) Extreme temperature performance Ambient & 50 deg C
The raw materials used for components are tested by independent Quality Assurance Department. During manufacturing stage, quality surveillance by both producer and services representative are provided. All the major components i.e case cartridge, bullet filled, cap filled and propellant are test fired and only passed proof components are taken into final assembly of the ammunition. The complete rounds are also proved dynamically for (a) Velocity, (b) Pressure, (c) Armour plercing, (d) Consistency, (e) Tracer functioning.

The cap being percussion type, gets initiated only if gets a blow. The ammunition is therefore safe during manufacture, transit and storage.

The shelf life of the Ammunition is 7 years.


80 rounds are packed in 16 cartons and these 16 cartons are packed in one steel box. 4 such steel boxes are packed in one steer carrier.

Packing steel box size 311 X 156 X 196 mm
Packing outer carrier size 677 X 327 X 205 mm
Gross weight outer package 62 Kg
Net weight 38.52 Kg
Volume of outer package 0.045 cu meter
Compatibility Group S
Hazard division 1.4
Fire Fighting classification 4
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