CARTRIDGE SA 7.62 mm Blank L.A.
The 7.62 mm blank cartridge is used for gunnery training purpose. It is also used for simulated fire, gun salutes, signaling etc.

This cartridge is fired from a Light Machine Gun (LMG) or rifle for training, signaling gun salutes etc.

Length 68.07 mm
Mass of Ammn. 13.63 g.
Diameter 10.16 mm
Propellant Powder SPA II or NC 688 (0.844 g.)
F - 1 Mixture 32 mg.
Net explosive content 0.876 g.
1) The cartridge is very useful for the purpose of gunnery Training.

2) Without any injury to the troops under training, it gives live simulation.

3) Comparatively it can be produced at less cost than Ball Ammunition.
Strict Quality measures are adopted during various stages of production. Mouth of filled cartridge case is crimped and sealed with a special type of Ammunition Protective Composition to prevent ingress of moisture. Empty caps are proved/inspected separately before being taken for loading and assembly. After loading, functional proof is carried out. The cartridges are filled and assembled in lots between 50,000 Nos. and 1,00,000 Nos.
The cartridges are absolutely safe to handle and so designed that they do not function even during rough manual handling.
Even though these are meant for training purposes, the reliability is at par with Ball cartridge in functioning.
Shelf life of filled cartridge is 10 years.
The packing consists of inner and outer packages. The inner package is carton 8A (50 cartgs. are packed in one carton). 30 cartons 8A are packed in 6 polythene bags. These polythene bags are packed in case wood package 7A (CWP 7A).

The wooden box (i.e.CWP 7A) holds total 1500 cartridges.

Package Dimensions 460 mm X 268 mm X 319 mm
Gross weight 29.00 kg. (approx)
Compatibility group S
Hazard Division 1.4
Fire fighting classification 4
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