This is an anti personal ammunition used in Rifle and Bren of .303" Calibre. The ammunition is manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence specification No. IA-902(c) I and Drg No. DD(L)-14000. The maximum fighting range of .303" Rifle is 457 metres (500 yards), whereas in the Vickers Machine Gun it is 2560 metres (2800 yards).

The round consists of a case of Brass (70% copper 30% zinc) Bullet and Propellant. The case has at the base a chamber to accommodate the cap, which contains E1 Cap composition. The Bullet consists of a core of lead alloy covered with gilding metal or cupro nickel. The propellant used is Nitrocellulose 1140. The Bullet is secured in the cartridge case by crimping the mouth of the case, which crimps into the cannelure of the bullet. The Bullet when assembled is required to withstand a pull of force of not less than 60 lbs.

Total Length H = 77.47 mm, L = 76.20 mm
Mass of complete round 25.34 ± 0.97grams
Charge Nitro Cellulose - NC1140
Charge Weight 2.53 grams
Colour of Cap Annulus Purple
Weight of bullet 11.4 grams
Length of Bullet H = 33.02 mm, L= 32.00 mm
Mean Velocity 730 ± 12m/s
Accuracy 18.0 cm (7inch) MF of M/ at 457 Metres (500 yards)
This Ammunition having a higher accuracy is also used for attacking mechanized and light armoured transport and rolling stock.
Very Strict quality measures are adopted during all stages of manufacture / assembly. Proof is carried out and the ammunition is accepted only on fulfilling the acceptance criteria.
The complete round is very safe and does not/will not fire till such time the cap is firmly hit to ignite the composition.
100% Reliability of the Ammunition is guaranteed and is very effective for close combat.
5 years using E-1 mixture

Five rounds are put in charger clip. The charger clip alongwith the rounds are then packed in Bandolier which is a cotton length having pockets or in carton 4A. The nature of packing differs as per the requirement of the user.

The Bandolier consists of a cotton length having 5 pockets, which in turn accommodates fifty rounds (10 rds in each pocket), whereas in Carton 4A, 10 rounds are packed.

The carton 4A or the Bandolier is then packed in box H2A (steel). A box H2A contains 600 rounds in carton 4A or 400 rounds in Bandolier. 4 Boxes of H2A are then packed in a carrier 6A thus making a final packing of 2400 rounds in carton 4A or 1600 rounds in Bandolier.

Volume 0.0088 Cu.metres (Individual)
Gross weight (2400 rds) 76.4 Kgs
(1600 rds) 61.84 Kgs
Net weight (2400 rds) 64.8 Kgs
(1600 rds) 50.24 Kgs
Weight of Carrier for 4 Steel Boxes 6.00 Kgs
Compatibility group S
Hazard Division 1.4
Fire fighting classification 4
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