Tarmour AFV
Specifications :
Optimal Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) system solutions for the mechanized formations for the most demanding operational environments.

The Tarmour family of AFVs is based on the conversion of old T55 inventories into top class AFVs with protection similar to MBTs coupled with outstanding mobility and maneuverability.

The Tarmour gives the mechanised units overwhelming capabilities- a combination of MBT’s mobility and survivability coupled with adequate firepower and first rate human engineering.

OFB offers a wide range of customized possibilities and solutions which can be tailored to suit the specific operational and technical requirements such as
Combat Engineer's AFVs
  - Earth Remover
- Mine Plough
- Mine Roller
Characteristics :
Weight 41.5 tonne
Crew 3
Overall length 9.530 metres
Overall height 2.190 metres
Overall width 3.590 metres
Maximum road speed 60 kmph
Engine power 780 hp
Power to weight ratio 19 hp/tonne
Shallow fording 5 M (with snorkel)
Vertical obstacle 0.85 M
Trench crossing 2.8 M
Gradient 30 degrees
Gun 125 mm
Rate of fire 8 rds/min
Ammunition 44 FSAPDS/HEAT/HE
Co-axial machine gun 7.62 mm
Anti aircraft machine gun 12.7 mm
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