Component (Ferrous)
PYT forgings for Gun Barrels (medium and heavy calibre), Small arms barrels, Small arms components, Cartridge cases, Shells, Pre-fragmented shells, Penetrators, Tubes, Engine components, Engine blocks, Gears, Gear sub-assemblies, Gear boxes, Elevating mechanisms, Gun carriages, Bomb body castings, Bomb tail units, Fragmented grenade bodies, Automobile casting, Automobile components, Armoured vehicle components.

The production of Steel Ingots, Blooms, Billets, Forged Rounds and PYT Forgings can be made by Electric Arc Furnace and Vacuum degassing route. Also facilities for Electro Slag Refined steel products duplexed with Vacuum degassing is available, Forgings are made through either by 2650 MT Press or Radial Forging route or by a combination of both. Facilities for Heat Treatment of items are also available. Torsion shafts by upset forging can be made.
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