Kitchen Container
Technical Specification Of Kitchen Container
Chassis Stallion 4x4 MK-III
Container Dimension Insulation
Length 4650mm
Width 2500mm
Height 2100mm
Thermal Insulation PUF (Poly Urethne Foam)
Density 40±2kg/cu. Meter
Thermal Conductivity 0.02W/mK
Comp. Strength 2.1kg/cm2(10% deformation)
Tensile Strength 4.0kg/cm2
Operating Temp. Range -10˚C to +60˚C
Flammability as per B3, Din-4102(Pt.-I)
Thickness Wall 50mm
LPG Stoves with heavy duty burners
Hot Plate & Puffer with heavy duty burners
Heavy duty Kerosene Stoves
Deep Freezer (350ltr.) -10˚C to 10˚C
Water Cooler (80ltr.)
Water Purifier with Booster Pump
Hot Case (250ltr.)
Cooking Utensils
Mixer Grinder
Fly Proof Light
Exhaust Fan
Wall Fan
Fluorescent Light
Water Pump
Storage Bin
Meat safe
Detachable Waste Bin
Lean On Shelter
Container Capacity
Storage of One day ration for 150-200 persons
Tank Material
Upper Tank 2mm SS Sheet (IS:316L)
Lower Tank 2mm SS Sheet (IS:316L)
Tank Capacity
Upper Tank 600ltrs
Lower Tank 400ltrs
Electrical Power Supply
Main Supply Line Connection (220V AC main)
Generator (5.6 KVA)
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