Water Bowser 5KL
Technical Specification Of WB 5KL
Chassis Stallion 4x4 MK-III
Tank Dimension Insulation
Length 3500mm
Width 1900mm (Major Axis)
Height 950mm (Minor Axis)
Thermal Insulation PUF (Poly Urethne Foam) 60mm Thick
Density 40±2kg/cu. Meter
Thermal Conductivity 0.02W/mK
Comp. Strength 2.1kg/cm2(10% deformation)
Tensile Strength 4.0kg/cm2
Operating Temp. Range -10˚C to +60˚C
Flammability as per B3, Din-4102(Pt.-I)
Delivery Hose
Internal Dia. 38mm.
Nos 2
Length i) 30m.
ii) 20m.
Tank Capacity
5000+5% Litres
Tank Material
Outer Shell 1.6mm SS Sheet (IS:316L)
Inner Shell 3.0mm SS Sheet (IS:316L)
Water Level Indicator
Analog/Digital type with least count of 500ltrs.
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