Sight Dial 104A with Mount
Sight dial 104A is a panoramic sight used with equipment 105/37 Fd Gun E1 for indirect laying. Provided with a mount, it is used in conjunction with a collimator for infinity aiming reference. Collimator 102A is used with Sight Dial 104A for reference purposes to lay the gun for indirect firing. The dial scales and bubbles have been provided with self-luminous coating and other tritium fillings for ease of work at night.
Specification :
Sight Dial 104A
Magnification 3X
Field of view 13 degrees
Eye clearance 20 mm
Entrance pupil 12 mm
Exit pupil 4 mm
Gear mirror range 25º ele 15º dep
Graticule sub-tense between two consecutive lines 10 min of arc
Periscopicity 190 mm
Mount Dial Sight 104A
Elevation range - 5º to + 80º
CL Range 0 to 24 deg.
Accessories :
  • Case Dial Sight and Mount 103A
  • Chest spare parts, tools and accessories 101 C
  • Collimator Infinity Aiming Reference Cased 102A.
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