Range Finder Cased 13 E
The Range Finder 13E is a coincidence type range finder consisting of two telescopic systems mounted on a common frame and having a common eyepiece in the middle of the frame. It is so designed that on directing the instrument towards a distant object, two images of the same object are seen separately when observed through the common eye-piece. The right telescope forms an upright image in the lower field while the left system forms an inverted 'mirror' image in the upper field of the instrument. The two fields, upper and lower, are separated by a very fine line, called the halving line or dividing line. The image in the lower field is moving while the image in the upper field remains stationery. When the image in the lower field is moved and brought in coincidence with the upper inverted image simultaneously range scale also moves against a pointer to show range in metres.
Magnification 14X
Horizontal field of view 55 m rad (3 deg)
Vertical field of view 40 m rad (2 deg 10 min)
Lower (erect image) 25 m rad ( 1 deg 20 min)
Upper (inverted image) 15 m rad (50 min)
Exit pupil 1.8 mm at 14 X mag.
Eyepiece focussing ± 5 dioptre
Range scale Graduated from 150 to 10,000 metres
Tripod Fire Control Instrument No 13MK 3(V6/1290-000377)
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