Collimator Infinity Aiming Reference 102A
Collimator Infinity Aiming Reference 102A is used as a close aiming point in conjunction with Sight Dial 104A for indirect laying with EQPT 105/37 E1 & E2. It is mounted on Tripod Fire Control Instrument No 17A MK-2 (M.1).

The Collimator uses natural light when operating in day time and a lamp attachment for operation at night or in condition of poor visibility is also provided. Container Cell 1A is used for illuminating the graticule/reticle of the Colliminator. The spirit level is provided with TFS for night viewing. A metal box is provided to house the Collimator with its accessories.
Overall dimensions 270 x 65 x 115 mm
Weight 1 kg
Effective Focal Length 199.3 mm
Field of view 13 degree
Entrance Pupil 40 mm
Graticule Angular separation of the adjacent marking lines is 10 minutes of arc. The pattern consists of numbers from 1 to 19 on one half and characters from A to U on the other half.
Slow motion attachment 10º from end to end.
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