Collimator K-1
Collimator K-1 is used as a close aiming point in conjunction with Panoramic Telescope PG-1 for indirect laying with EQPT 130 mm Gun M46 or 122 mm HOW D-30 of USSR origin. It is mounted on tripod K-1 in field conditions.

The Gun Collimator uses natural light when operating in day time and electrical lighting for operating at night or in conditions of poor visibility. The storage battery is used for illuminating the reticle of Collimator and for which an illuminating Set LUCH-C-71M is provided with a set of FCIs. A metal box is provided to house the Collimator with its accessories.
Field of View 10 degree
Diameter of pupil 48 mm
Distance from Panoramic telescope mostly suitable for operation 6 to 10 mm
Number of marks on Collimator reticle along horizontal axis 76
Value of Collimator reticle 2.2 mils (7.8")
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