The Laser Range Finder Sight TPD-K1 is a day vision ranging cum fire control optical system. It permits the measurement of range to the target by two methods:
i. By the range scale for visual measuring of range.
ii. By laser range finding unit based on the principle of laser radiation detection and ranging. The laser generating unit having a solid state laser rod (Neodymiun doped glass) generates pulsed laser radiation of wave length 1060 nanometer in the IR region with mechanical Q switching. While measuring the range from the tank on the move there is facility to switch on the special mechanism ('D' Mechanism) which provides automatic input of correction in the range scale for the changing range due to tank movement. The complete device is designed for:
  a. Laying the gun and co-axial machine gun at the target for
Traverse automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes
Elevations automatic and manual modes
  b. Range measuring to stationary and moving targets.
  c. Firing the gun and co-axial machine gun in automatic and semi-automatic modes.
Complete equipment has a gyro - stabiliser for stabilisation of line of site. The site functions in conjunction with several other measure units viz.
1. Electric unit.
2. Range input unit.
3. Power supply unit.
4. Set of special cables.
5. Cosine potentiometer
A special 40 V, 500 Hz, 3 phase, Power supply is used to operate the sight, besides 27 V DC.
Magnification 8 X
Field Of View
Average Interval Between Measurements 6 Sec
Max. Range Of Aimed Fire i) Armour Piercing Discharging Shell 4000 M
ii) High Explosive Anti Tank Shell 4000 M
iii) High Explosive Fragmentation Shell 5000 M
iv) From Machine Gun 1800 M
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