Passive Night Vision Goggles 102A
Passive Night Vision Goggles (PNVG) 102A offers vision with a 18 mm IInd Gen/Super Gen image intensifier tube to be used for recce, surveillance, map reading etc. It has an IR emitter for map reading and short distance viewing. PNVG can be mounted on a facemask for hands free operation and can be quickly detached when required.
  With IInd Gen.
18 mm I I Tube
With super Gen. I.I.Tube
Magnification 1 X ± 0.1 1 X ± 0.1
Field of view 40° ± 2° 40° ± 2°
Objective lens
Focus Range 250 mm to infinity 250 mm to infinity
Working life of I.I.Tube (in Hours) 2000 10000
Eye piece


Split beam binocular type, capable of being used for normal range of inter-ocular distance 55-72 mm.

Effective Focal length

25.14 mm ± 3%

Diopter setting

+2 D to - 4 D

1.4+0.1m radian, using USAF Bar target resolution chart of medium contrast (6.3: 1, D=0.8) under 10–3 lux (Starlight condition) at a distance of 10 meters.
Range Detection Recognition
  II nd Gen Super Gen II nd Gen Super Gen
Vehicle 300 m 350m 225 m 275m
Group of men 225 m 275m 150 m 200m
Power source

Operating voltage

3.0V DC

Power requirement

17 mA

2 Dry Batteries size ‘AA’ 1.5 V, Lithium Batteries size ‘AA’ 3.5V,LS-6, SAFT or equivalent with a dummy cell.
Goggles 160 mm x 105 mm x 100 mm
Face Mask

210 mm x 150 mm x 145 mm

Goggles 550 + 15 gms
Face Mask 290 + 10 gms
Environment specification
Operating temperature -30° C to + 45°C
Storage temperature Recommended + 20°C
Canvas case, Carrying case, Face Mask, Batteries 1.5V D.C size AA, Neck Cord, Cap O.G, Eye Guard, Battery Cap, Lens cleaning papers, Muslin white bleached cloth 30 cm x 30 cm, User's manual, Log Book, Silicagel.
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