DISHA BHISHM is a state of the art Passive Night Vision Device for Tank T-90S. The device used custom made 18mm High Performance Super Gen Image Intensifier Tube with salient features.

DISHA BHISHM finds potential use in AFVs, Technical Support Vehicles, AD artillery vehicles and Tanks. DISHA BHISHM can also be mounted in vehicles utilized for para-military.

DISHA BHISHM is a Binocular, Wide Angle Viewing system provided with two independent viwing channels - each with an Objective Lens, an Eye-Piece and an Image Intensifier Tube. The two independent channels are collimated for stereoscopic vision to provide depth perception.

The Passive Night Vision provides the Driver with a direct and bright vision of a road or terrain in front of him in Star Light conditions. The sight also functions for general surveillance while driving the vehicle.




1 X

Field Of View

42° (Horizontal)

35° ( Vertical)

Eye-Piece Focusing

-0.5 D to -1.0 D


1.7 m radian

Range of Vision for B type Vehicle at ± 1 milli-lux and 50% contrast

250 Meters

Dimensions (mm)

177(L) x 146 (W) x 300 (H)

In put Voltage

18 V to 26 V Tank Source

Operating Temperature Range

-30° C to + 50° C

De-fogging facility for Head Prism and Eye-Piece



1. Automatic Protection of I.I Tube from Excess Light Conditions.

2. II Tube Brightness Control
3. Heating Switch
4. Auxiliary Power back-up with 3.6V AA size Lithium ThionyI Chloride Battery
5. 3-in-1 Color LED Indicator for Power Supply, Hight protection ^ Electric fault Indication
Graticule for Bridge Crossing
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