Bino Night Vision Passive Cased 101A
Offers high-resolution image intensified night vision. This rugged water resistant binocular is designed for hand held operation. It is an excellent instrument for medium to long range viewing in the night.
System Characteristics

3.4 X

Field of view 9.5 ° + .5 °
Objective lens
Focal length 102mm
f-number f/1.3
Focus range 50 meters to infinity
Eye Piece Lens
Effective focal length 30.03 mm
Eye relief distance> 27 mm
Interpupillary distance 54 mm to 78 mm
Image Intensifier Tube
25 mm proximity focused inverter type (MIL-1-49040C with improved parameters)
Operation life
2000 hrs (min)
0.4 + 0.1m radian using USAF Bar target resolution chart of medium contrast (6.3 :1,D=0.8) under 103 lux (starlight condition) at a distance of 50 meters.
Range of Recognition

Human being (moving group of men)

300 meters

Vehicle /Tank

500 meters

Power Source
Operating voltage 2.7VDG
Power requirement 35mA
2 Dry Batteries size ‘AA’1.5V, Lithium Batteries size ‘AA’ 3.5 V, LS-6, SAFT or equivalent with a dummy cell
  • 320 mm (L) x 100 mm (W)
  • Weight 2.3 Kgs
    Environmental specifications
    Operating temperature -20° C + 55° C
    Storage temperature

    Recommended + 20° C

    Leather case, Carrying case,Lithium cell 2.7 V with a dummy cell Battery (AA),1.5V 6 Nos., Lens cleaning papers, Muslin/optical liners (300 mm x 300 mm), Brush Dusting, Users Hand book, Log book, Silica gel.
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