The passive night sight for Rifle/LMG is a compact and lightweight passive system for accurate weapon aiming and surveillance at night. The sight is suitable for fitment on weapon by use of special mounting bracket.
Parameter With IInd Generation 18 mm I.I. Tube With Super Generation I.I. Tube
Magnification 4 X 4 X
Field Of View 10 ° 10 °
Range A) Detection 300 M 350 M
Weight (In Kg) 1.06 1.06
Dimension (in mm) Ф 70 X 200 (L) Ф70 X 200 (L)
Working Life of I.I. Tube in Hours 2,000 10,000
Objective Lens 60 mm, F/1.5 Fixed Focus (Refracting Type) 60 mm, F/1.5 Fixed Focus (Refracting Type)
Objective Veiling Glare 2% Max 2% Max
Eye piece:
Mono-ocular, focussing type, provided with a flexible rubber shutter eye guard.
Eye clearance 22 mm
Power supply 2.65 D.C.
Battery size AA 1.5V or Lithium Battery SF-6 size AA 3.5V, LS-6, SAFT or equivalent with a dummy cell.
Low Battery Indicator
The LED fitted in the Battery housing will glow indicating that Batteries require replacement.
Ballistic Reticule
The aiming circle and range dot pattern type reticule is illuminated with LED. The reticule will have bore sighting and zeroing facilities at 100m. The reticule will be adjustable in two perpendicular directions for alignment with the weapon having total movement 50' (minutes) each in both the planes.
Light Conditions Clear starlight night
Contrast High/Medium
Weight 1 Kg
Environmental specifications :
Operating Temperature - 30°C to + 45°C
Storage Temperature Recommended + 20°C
Storage-cum-Carrying Case The case padded with thick foam mattress Material is provided for storing and jerk free transport of sight.
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