Sight 1G46 has been designed for the gunner to bring down accurate and consistent aimed fire on both hard and soft targets by day using main gun 2MGM and Coaxial MG PKTM from stationary position and on the move, both on stationary and moving targets. The sight has also been integrated with the guided missile system 9K 119 to facilitate launch and guidance of the missile using same sight.

The major technical characteristics of the sight 1G46 are as under: -


Magnification of sighting channel

: 2.7X to 12X


Field of view

: 20° to 4.5°


Range finding limits

: 400 to 5000 m


Max range finding error

: 25 m maximum


Stabilization of FOV

: Independent, 2 axis


Angles of laying stabilized sighting line

(i) In elevation
(aa) Depression 15°
(ab) Elevation 20°
(ii) In azimuth
(aa) Independent ± 7°  to 9°
(ab) With turret 360°


Rate of sighting line laying in elevation and azimuth


Minimum rate, maximum

0.05° /s

Maximum rate, minimum

3° /s


Rate of sighting line slew in azimuth

:16° to 24° /s



: 82 kg


Eyepiece setting range diopter

: 20 ± 4°


Stabilised sighting line drift

(i) Main Mode 12 mils/min maximum
(ii) Double Mode 16 mils/min maximum


Range of distance change due to movement

:± 500m


Wind velocity cross component measurement range

:0-25 m/sec


Gun trunion tilt measurement range

:± 15°


Considered charge and air temperature range

:± 50°C


Considered Pressure range

: 0.06 – 0.12 mm Hg


Considered gun barrel wear range

:3.5 mm


No of radiations per minute (Missile)

:6 Maximum


Preparation time

:3 minutes


Continuous operations (non combat)

:6 hrs
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