The gunner and commander in a tank T-90S have been provided with night vision device ESSA based on principal of thermal imaging which can be used to search, detect and identify targets by day and night under normal and adverse conditions and engage them effectively using main gun and coaxial MG. The sight can be used to detect and identify targets having temperature difference of upto 2°C and engage them upto 4000 m using unguided and guided projectiles and coaxial MG. The mirror of the system being stabilised both in azimuth and elevation and being integrated with the FCS of the tank, a high deg. of accuracy and consistency is obtained using the sight while engaging both static and moving targets.
Technical details of the system are as under: -
(a) Name :ESSA
(b) Type :TI
(c) Range to identify tank target :4000m
(d) Temp difference to identify target : Minimum 2° C
Range achieved 3300m minimum
(e) Magnification and field of view

(i) X3 FOV 6.75x9 deg
(ii) X12 FOV 2.35x3 deg
(iii) X24 FOV 1.12x1.5 deg
(f) Focussing range

(i) Wide field of view 30 m to infinity
(ii) Narrow field of view 20 m to infinity
(g) Angles of displacement of mirror

(i) Elevation -10° to 20°
(ii) Traverse +/- 7.5°
(h) Wavelength of operating range :8-12 micro metres
(i) Maximum speed of laying LOS :More than 6°/sec
(j) Accuracy of stabilization :Less than 12 mils in both axis
(k) Modes of operations :Main, Double, Commander designation
(l) Preparation time :7-11 minutes
(m) Cooling down time : 7 minutes
(n) Supply of current

(i) DC voltage 27(+2)(-5) Volts
(ii) 3 phase AC (frequency 380(+40)(-60) Hz) 36(+4)(-6) Volts
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