Brake Parachute for reducing the landing run of MiG-29 has been indigenously developed. Unicross design canopy has 10 m of separation distance from the aircraft tail end. A unique feature of integrated riser and rigging lines has been adopted to reduce its mass. The canopy design has also been optimised with reduced size for mass saving. On pilot’s command the main canopy is deployed providing deceleration to the aircraft.

Consists of following standard equipment

(a) Pilot Parachute 01 No.
(b) Aux. Parachute 01 No.
(c) Main Parachute 01 No.
(d) Rip Cord with Pin 01 No.
(e) Thimble cover 01 No.
(f) Canopy Deployment Bag 01 No.
(g) Tie down Strap Large 01 No.
(h) Tie down Strap Small 01 No.
(i) Cord Ring 02 Nos.

This is spring loaded small parachute of size 0.05 Sq. mtr. Smaller connecting link of 0.415 mtrs is attached to the loop of Pilot parachute and apex of Main parachute. On initiation of Brake parachute release command tail cover of parachute compartment is ejected out and spring loaded Pilot Parachute pulls out the Auxiliary Parachute in Air Stream.


It is of 1 m2 size having 8 Nos. of Rigging lines and one central cord connecting link of size 0.6 mtr. is attached to the loop of Auxiliary Para. It pulls the Main Parachute from the Pack Cover. Canopy is made of Fabric Nylon 93 gms mass / undyed.

It is designed to reduce the landing Run of the Aircraft. It is of Unicross design of 14.4 sq mtr. It has 32 Rigging lines of 5.33 mtrs each. Canopy Fabric is Nylon 66-93 gms undyed and Rigging Lines of Tape Nylon 66-21 mm BS–550 Kgf. Canopy is reinforced by Tape Nylon 26 mm 500 Kg.


It is for locking the canopy deployment bag flaps after the whole Brake Parachute system has been packed.

Used for protecting the metallic pulley of the main parachute from damage. Thimble cover is made of two layers of cloth cotton 235 gm OG interlayed with felt wool 3 mm thick. Cover ends are provided with tightening cord (cotton cord 60 kgf)

For successively bringing into operation of the Brake Parachutes system. Pack cover is shaped as a cylinder 0.1m in dia and 0.62m in length and is manufactured of cloth cotton closely woven 235gm OG.

It is for fastening the Auxiliary Parachute into the Main Parachute briddle Loop. It is made of Tape Nylon 1850 kg folded in two. Ends of the straps are provided with loops 0.05 and 0.2 m long. To protect loops from chaffing, they are enclosed in sleeves made of cloth cotton 170 gm U/D.
It is for fastening the Pilot Parachute to the Main Parachute briddle loop. It is of 0.4 m length and made of tape nylon 26 mm medium BS 600 Kg folded in two. Ends of strap are provided with loops 0.05 m and 0.2 m long. To protect the loops from chaffing they are enclosed in streams made of cloth cotton 170gm U/D.
Made of cord cotton 60 kg core less is for packing the deployment bag flaps. Length of folder cord is 0.062m.
Canopy Unicross 14.4 Sq m
Mass 8.2 Kgs
Normal landing 180 kmph
Emergency landing Speed 310 kmph
Pilot chute Spring loaded, 0.5 Sq. m
Auxiliary Parachute Flat Square, 1 Sq. m
Aircraft Weight 14000 kgs
Basic Material - Fabric Nylon 93 gram undyed conforming to specn ADRDE/specn/1985/28(b)
Yarn Nylon '66' 16.67 Tex
Mass (Max) gm/m² 93 gm
Air Porosity 213 ± 61 cm³/cm²/sec
Breaking Strength 130 kg
10 years or 45 streamings whichever is earlier. In case of Parachute operated at emergency speed of 310 kmph it should be withdrawn from the services.
Parachute is put into polythene bag of size (90cm x 75 cm) of 150 gauge polythene. One packet of Silica Gel (50 gm) is put into the bag as moisture absorber. The polythene bag is then housed in the corrugated cardboard box of size (380mmx380mmx455mm). The corrugated card board box is wrapped all-around with laminated hesian cloth stitched with jute twine 3 ply. Corrugated box is then strapped with polypropylene strapping.
Net weight 8.2 kgs
Gross weight 10.6 kgs approx
Volume (380 mm x 380 mm x 455 mm)
The parachute is also compatible to Mig29B/VB Aircraft
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