Parachute Tactical Assault Type PTA-M
PTA-M is a low level personnel back type parachute to be used by the parachutist for a predetermined jump. The parachute is highly drag efficient, stable and quick opening and has air scoops and anti-inversion netting facilitating easy opening of the canopy.



Canopy (01) Flat Circular
Harness (01) Nylon Webbing 44 mm OG (2950 kgs) to specn No. IS-4727
Bag Inner (01) Made of Cotton Fabric closely woven 310 gm OG
Pack Outer (01) Fabric Nylon 370 gm Air Texture Disruptive Printed PU coated
Rate of descent 5.45 m/s
Dia of Canopy 8 m
Effective length of rigging lines 7950 mm
No. Of gores/panels 28 gores each having 6 panels
Dropping Load 150 kgs
Dropping Height 600 ft AGL to 15000 ft AMSL
Fabric Nylon Light Weight 37 gm Olive Drab Shade no. 298 to IS: 5- 1994, conforming to specn No. IS: 4726. Air Porosity is 320 to 450 cm3/cm2/sec
Yarn Nylon 6 or Nylon 66, 30 denier
Weave Rip Stop
Mass (Max) gm/m² 37 gm
Air Porosity 450cm²/cm²/sec
Breaking Strength 38 Kg
15 years or 100 live descents whichever is earlier
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